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Une solution innovante pour simplifier les flux de production.

At ECCUS, we recognize that operational efficiency is a crucial pillar of any successful business. That's why we offer innovative solutions to streamline your production, allowing you to maximize profitability and sustainability.

Our ECO-Caverne™ product range includes advanced oxygen, temperature, humidity and dust management systems to preserve the productivity of your  installations and the value of your stock. In case of electricity interruption or electromagnetic disturbances the rock mass provides protection and latency to ensure conditions are maintained.

Furthermore, critical systems are protected through an inverter to ensure the ECO-Caverne™ 's resiliency to unforeseen events.

Our ECO-Cavernes are designed as "submarines", thus the controlled atmosphere is maintained with very low operating costs. This approach allows you to rethink your storage and production processes while reducing your carbon footprint.

Discover today how ECCUS underground solutions can help your business.


Underground installations provide latency in the management of the controlled atmosphere, preserving the equipment and inventory whatever happens on the surface.

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