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Consolider les installations logistiques sur un seul site

In the complex landscape of land management, logistical fragmentation is often a major obstacle to operational efficiency. ECCUS helps you addressing this challenge with our ECO-Caverne™ product range, designed specifically to be built under existing facilities using tunnelling techniques.  


You can now regroup your operations on a single site with our ECO-Caverne™ product range providing solutions from 8'000 m³ to 36'000 m³. The unique form factor of the ECO-Caverne™ can accommodate three times more palette per m³ than rectangular warehouses.

Thanks to our high performance elevators (takes less than a minute's travel time) capable of transporting a 20-foot shipping container, up to a load limit of 12 tonnes, and with a round trip of less than 5 minutes per lift (over 100 tonnes / hours or more than 380 m³/hour), most industrial logistics needs can be met. Our ECO-Cavernes can come with one lift or a lift at either end. with this later option the ECO-Caverne™ can also become an on-site supply route or house a production line.

Moreover, by limiting movements and transportation, you reduce your carbon footprint, thus contributing to more sustainable and more responsible business practices.

At ECCUS, our goal is to provide you with a solution that goes beyond simply using underground space. We offer you a comprehensive strategy to optimize your operations, improve your profitability, and promote the sustainable development of your business.


By placing your production storage requirements under your existing buildings you are able to regroup your production on a single site, thus eliminating your inter-site logistics.

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