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Optimiser la surface au sol disponible

In a context where ground surface area is at a premium, our ECO-Caverne™ design offers an innovative and efficient solution to maximize the value of your land. With our integrated retractable elevator system, you can continue to fully exploit every square centimeter of your plot, and with its own access system there is no lost production during construction as the existing buildings are not impacted. 

With an ECO-Caverne™, it is now possible to expand your production capacity without encroaching on your existing space.

Our exclusive technology allows for the retraction of the loading dock. Once retracted, a 40-ton truck can drive over it, enabling you to continue to use your paved areas while retaining full accessibility to your facilities. You can continue to operate uninterrupted, optimizing your operations for maximum efficiency.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you fully realize the potential of your land while respecting your values of sustainability and efficiency.


The retractable elevator system and flush access doors not only allow you to continue to use your existing pavement surfaces but also facilitate the obtention of a building permit.

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