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Une surface d'exploitation augmentée

In a competitive market where reducing operating costs the ability to densify the land usage is imperative. The ECO-Caverne™ provides an innovative and efficient solution to meet your challenges to be sustainable and cost-effective.

Our technology offers you the opportunity to exploit underground spaces by building these under your existing facilities. This approach allows you to significantly increase your production capacity while optimizing the use of your existing resources while also reducing your carbon emissions.

ECO-Cavernes come in three standard sizes to better meet your specific needs (12 m, 18 m and 24 m wide). Whether you're looking to expand your storage facilities, create new production spaces or develop logistic infrastructures, ECO-Caverne™ can house facilities tailored to meet your requirements.

We can offer automated solutions adapted to the ECO-Caverne™ for a purpose of storage, production (pharma, etc.), archives, fruit storage, etc. Using OCP technology underground datacentres can also be housed. Furthermore, any industry with controlled atmosphere requirements can significantly reduce their energy costs with the ECO-Caverne™.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you realize your growth ambitions by leveraging your geology.


Your plot may allow added production capacity without the need to find or acquire additional land.

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