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valorisation de l'énergie

An ECO-Caverne™ offers much more than just reducing your real estate immobilisation costs. One of the essential features of our solutions is its ability to effectively harness the waste energy released by the equipment placed within. The rock's natural insulating properties, its constant temperature combined with our patented heat regulation system, allow our ECO-Cavernes to significantly reduce your energy needs.

This energy efficiency gain is not limited to reducing the cost, but extends to a more sustainable approach for your business. By capturing the waste heat emitted, you have the opportunity to recycle this energy not only to meet the needs of your existing facilities but also to supply it to a district heating network to generate additional revenue. This intelligent heat recovery helps minimizing your carbon footprint while optimizing your resources.

Thus, by opting for an ECO-Caverne™ solution you embrace a responsible societal approach while making your business more resilient.

Take advantage of your geology to improve your business's resilience and profitability with our ECO-Cavernes.


Underground space has always been favored to reduce costs. However, these are rarely built near motorway exits  or under industrial real estates. With its constant temperature at 13 °C, your energy needs can be halved and the waste heat can be recycled.

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